“Attuned to Form and Color”

Otohiko Miwa x Yuko Miwa





About the Exhibition

This exhibition, showing two- and three-dimensional works in the same space, presents two contemporary artists active in Gifu, Otohiko Miwa and Yuko Miwa. Indefinite “colors” on definite surfaces and definite “forms” of indefinite representation intersect and resonate in the space.
Sculptor Otohiko Miwa was born in Tokyo in 1930. His plaster head sculpture, Woman, was selected for the 1952 Inten Exhibition. In 1956, after graduating from the Musashino Art School (now Musashino Art University), he began exhibiting his sculpture, mainly in the Ichiyo Exhibitions (since its second exhibition), now held annually at the National Art Center, Roppongi. He initially used mainly plaster but his recent works are characterized by abstract forms with smooth surfaces, making the most of natural materials such as wood and stone.
Yuko Miwa, born in the city of Gifu in 1966, graduated from Nagoya Zokei Junior College of Art and Design in 1987. From 1990 to 2007 her works were shown in Modern Art Association exhibitions. Created with several layers of acryl coating and gofun whitewash, her forms evoke infinitely expanding space.