Original Illustrations for Children’s Books

Mika Ichii



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About the Exhibition

 This exhibition presents approximately 40 original illustrations by Mika Ichii, picture book illustrator of Shigaraki, Shiga prefecture, for four children’s books, as well as 10 prints [woodblock prints?] and framed pictures. It introduces the special appeal of Ichii’s works and the ideas and aspirations behind her picture books.
 Ichii’s career as an illustrator and picture book writer began around 1990. In 2000, she began illustrating children’s books. Among many children’s books with her illustrations are the Little Pig Burton series (published by Arisukan), Suteki na boshiya-san (A Wonderful Hatter; Soensha), a story about a hatter who visits the woods, and Rosoku ippon (A Candle; Komine Shobo), a heart-warming story that starts with a single candle.