From the World of Silence

Jun Takayasu



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Painter Jun Takayasu, born in Kyoto in 1944, was an assistant instructor of the art course at a Kyoto prefectural senior high school for the deaf 1964–68. He was also a scholarship student of the Western painting at Kyoto City University of Arts. In 1971 he graduated from the Department of Art, Kyoto Seika Junior College (now Kyoto Seika University). Based in Kyoto, he has shown many works at individual and group exhibitions in and outside Japan.
Works by Takayasu, deaf by birth, are rich with light and evoke poetic images with layers of color harmony. His recent paintings are full of life and vitality, with lines lightly dancing over the layers of color.
The present exhibition shows 25 paintings since 2002 and includes the latest works. Enjoy the world of Takayasu’s works where light and color resonate together.