The World of Three-Dimensional Textiles

Mihoko Sumi





About the Exhibition

 Mihoko Sumi is a weaving and dyeing artist based in Nagoya who produces works of silk yarn and fluorescent yarn woven together. She has drawn increasing attention for her creative and innovative works including one that earned her the “chairman’s prize” at the 15th Floss Silk Visual Art exhibition (an open-submission event sponsored by the Japan Floss Silk Association) held in 2009.
 “The process of creating three-dimensional textiles unfolds a world that resembles life itself,” says Mihoko Sumi. The many bulges created by variations in the weaving look much like the cell division of a living being as it evolves. They glow with a faint light in the darkness, evoking the image of delicately but steadily pulsating life.
 Along with her works using fluorescent yarn that emit light in the darkness, the present exhibition also shows [a] large-size work[s] equipped with LED lights.