Scenes of Fifty-Six Years/Record of Living

Ishihara Michio





About the Exhibition

 Michio Ishihara, born in the city of Seki, studied art education at Gifu University Faculty of Education. He served as a public school teacher for 38 years and has continued painting from his base in Seki.
 He participated in the founding of VAVA, a group of young avant-garde artists in Seki, in 1959 and later founded Neo-VAVA, producing works searching for a vantage point close to himself. Today, he creates exuberant works using vivid colors and quick brush strokes.
 This exhibition, commemorating 56 years since Ishihara had his work accepted for the Kodo-Bijutsu exhibition at the age of 19, is held at two venues, Toko Shinoda Art Space in the city of Seki and the Gifu Collection of Modern Arts (Gi-Co-Ma). The exhibition introduces works created over the artist’s 56 years—the works from the early years through the 1970s are shown at the Art Space and those from the 1980s to the present at Gi-Co-Ma.