On Water Mirrored “Toko Shinoda—A Petal of Red”

Toko Shinoda





About the Exhibition

 A small red seal quietly occupies a corner in the vast blank space, beside the quiet of sumi black. This red seal, though very small, is vivid in the otherwise monochromatic scene. It provides an elegant accent in Toko’s works.
 For Toko, who has practiced calligraphy since girlhood, placing the red seal upon a work not only indicates the completion of a work but also signifies a moment of concentration on the final touch that determines the balance in the work. Even when her work moved to abstract expression, the seal serves not just as an identification but plays a crucial role in bringing out the color of the black.
 Featuring Toko’s seals, which brighten her works like a flower petal cast upon them, this exhibit displays 24 works by Toko where her seals’ presence is especially effective. It introduces the world of her art and the more than 40 different seals that she used.