Shusaku Arakawa



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 Shusaku Arakawa has been producing architectural works for decades, among them Ubiquitous Site, Nagi’s Ryoanji, Architectural Body (Nagi, Okayama 1994), and The Site of Reversible Destiny—Yoro Park (Yoro, Gifu 1995). His Mechanism of Meaning series, begun in 1963, is still underway, forming the core of Arakawa’s evolving experiments with ideas. Together with the Mechanism of Meaning series, the Diagrams series, featuring symbols, letters, and geometric figures, are the wellspring of Arakawa’s ideas as expressed in the works from the Casket series to his current practical approaches. Both provide clues to deciphering the artist’s art and philosophy.
 This exhibition presents Arakawa’s Diagrams prints produced from 1960 to the 1970s to illuminate the sources and trajectory of Arakawa’s ideas, which challenge death and confront the social and spiritual confusion of the present age.