To Nature/From Nature

Akira Komoto





About the Exhibition

 Born in Gifu, Akira Komoto has been producing works of photography in his original style since the mid-1970s. He mainly creates works on the theme of the environment and nature with which he is concerned. His photographs feature landscapes with some object placed in them. Komoto is known for his style of images in which an added object merges with some natural setting. Komoto is a noteworthy artist in close connection with the city of Seki, Gifu prefecture. In 1958, together with Ichizo Nishio, Akio Goto, and several others, he founded VAVA, a group of young avant-garde artists based in Seki.
 From among his works in the Seki City Collection and the artist’s own, this exhibition presents his early abstract paintings and works of photography so that we can take a close look at the trajectory of his art and new developments. It introduces the Komoto world that emerges from communication with nature.