Sayaka Miyata

October 11 (Tue.) to December 17 (Sat.), 2022



October 11 (Tue.) to December 17 (Sat.), 2022


2nd and 4th Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays



About the Exhibition

Sayaka Miyata draws increasing attention as a young artist with her unique style of expression featuring embroidery by hand or by manipulating the computerized functions of a sewing machine. Concerned with the forms and evolution of creatures, and interested in her own physicality, she has recently been experimenting in various ways—intentionally inserting bugs into the sewing machine’s computerized embroidery data, intentionally accentuating the tangling of threads, and skipping stitches—that incorporate “errors” into her art. She creates works that expand the range of expression in embroidery with novel ideas to bring motifs and techniques into concert with each other.

This exhibition presents Miyata’s early hand embroidery “Camouflage” series; 《MRI SM20110908》, a self-portrait-like work based on MRI images of her own brain—a “lifework” launched in 2016; and her most recent work 《Knots—The Chair》.

Ten years have passed since Miyata completed graduate school. The sewing machine she has been dealing with and struggling with every day is now her essential work partner and source of inner strength. The works she creates are her way of proving she is alive. Please enjoy the resonance between Miyata’s works created thus far and the atrium space of the Gifu Collection of Modern Arts.

(From the left side)
《MRI SM20110908》2016-2022  Photo: Hyogo Mugyuda
《WARP×Knots -Homage to Ernst Haeckel-》2013  Photo: Makoto Yano
《Corresponding Pattern -The yolk is yours-》2020
《Camouflage -Gonocephalus-》2008  Photo: Makoto Yano