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About the Museum

The Gifu Collection of Modern Arts is one of the few art museums to feature the works of the artist Toko Shinoda (b. 1913).

The building was constructed on the grounds of the Seki Garden Factory of Nabeya Bi-Tech Kaisha in 1992 and was awarded the Nikkei New Office Promotion Award (International Trade and Industry Minister’s Prize) in 1993. The approach to the museum features a cascade and pool, their shapes fitting harmoniously into the lush greenery of the surrounding setting.

In addition to the permanent exhibits of the works of Toko Shinoda, the museum holds special exhibitions presenting the work of up-and-coming modern artists and holds concerts and other events that contribute to the enrichment of cultural activities in the Gifu prefecture city of Seki and environs.

Facility Overview

Gifu Collection of Modern Art
Yujiro Okamoto
Purposes of founding
  1. To exhibit works of art, centering on 800 works by Toko Shinoda in the museum’s collection and thereby serve as a place for the citizens of Seki, Gifu, and Kakamigahara cities and vicinities to enhance their knowledge about and sensibilities for art. To exhibit and introduce works by Toko Shinoda owned by Nabeya Bi-Tech Kaisha (including 300 paintings as well as shikishi cards, scrolls, and fans).
  2. To serve as a center for disseminating information about a broader range of art by not just exhibiting paintings but regularly holding concerts, thereby generating a fusion of music and painting.
  3. To hold lecture meetings, painting classes, etc.
  4. To collect and conduct research on works by Toko Shinoda.
Contact Us

1, Toko-taichi, Seki-City, GIFU 501-3939, Japan
phone: +81-575-23-1210
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