About us


Gifu Collection of Modern Arts Foundation


Yujiro Okamoto

Purposes of founding

    1. To exhibit works of art, centering on 800 works by Toko Shinoda in the museum’s collection and thereby serve as a place for the citizens of Seki, Gifu, and Kakamigahara cities and vicinities to enhance their knowledge about and sensibilities for art. To exhibit and introduce works by Toko Shinoda owned by Nabeya Bi-Tech Kaisha (including 300 paintings as well as shikishi cards, scrolls, and fans).
    2. To serve as a center for disseminating information about a broader range of art by not just exhibiting paintings but regularly holding concerts, thereby generating a fusion of music and painting.
    3. To hold lecture meetings, painting classes, etc.
    4. To collect and conduct research on works by Toko Shinoda.


Gifu Collection of Modern Arts


459.22㎡ (galleries 262㎡)


Galleries, lobbies, performers’ dressing room, repositories at two locations, air-conditioning room, restrooms

Secretariat (contact and inquiries)

Located in the Seki Garden Factory of Nabeya Bi-Tech Kaisha
Secretariat of the Gifu Collection of Modern Arts 1-banchi Toko Taichi, Seki-shi, Gifu prefecture 501–3939
Tel: 0575-23-1210 Fax: 0575-23-1218