Toshiko Tochihara: Fragments of Existence

Toshiko Tochihara



Number of items exhibited

approximately 20



About the Exhibition

Toshiko Tochihara is a contemporary artist recently the focus of increasing attention. A resident of Kobe, since graduation from Musashino Art University, she has shown her works in and outside Japan and received numerous prizes at exhibitions of works assembled by public invitation. She also actively participates in art events in her area, offering a workshop at the Asago Geijutsu-no-Mori Art Festival (2006–2008, Asago City) and a painting event at the 2003 Rokko Project at Mt. Rokko in Kobe. Through exhibitions by the art group Pou, which Tochihara herself heads, she is instrumental in the training of young artists.
In carefully selected colors and lines she depicts the mystery of life’s existence on earth and in the vast universe under the themes of “love” and “peace.” Titled “Fragments of Existence,” this exhibition presents mainly her recent works as well as new works she has produced for this exhibition.