Toko Shinoda Arts Month 2017: Toko and Music, Forms and Sounds

Toko Shinoda



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About the Exhibition

Both painting and music have themes and motifs, and it can be said that the viewer of art or the listener to music experiences the shapes depicted and the sounds performed as rich with color and three-dimensionality. Music is an abstract form of expression that does not take the form of something directly tangible; expressed through melody, volume, and tone, it appeals to the imagination of the listener. Toko’s art, too, expresses something that is certain, though it may not be visible through abstract forms executed in sumi ink.
This exhibit focuses on abstract expression in Toko’s works and in music, introducing works by Toko and music with related themes, in an attempt to compare and co-relate the way they are expressed respectively in the art and music. We hope visitors will enjoy the colors, forms, and reverberations to be discovered by bringing together these two worlds.