Toko Shinoda Art Month 2020: Night Snow—Color of Night

Toko Shinoda

January 14(Tue.) to March 27(Fri.).2020


Number of items exhibited



January 14(Tue.) to March 27(Fri.).2020


2nd and 4th Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays; also closed February 21–25, March 19–23, 2020



About the Exhibition

“Depending on how the sumi ink mixes with water, on the speed with which the brush moves, and the level of contact between brush and paper, something unfolds from a person’s fingers that passes into the ink, creating a certain space. The sumi color comes alive, drifts over the paper, and seeps through to the back of the paper—evoking the feel of the darkness of night.” (Toko: Watakushi to iu hitori [Toko: I Am Only Myself], 2000]

To Toko Shinoda, who has lived and worked with sumi ink for a century, the tranquil atmosphere of the darkness of a winter night evokes, above all, the way the sumi mingles with water and spreads over the paper. The exhibition introduces the beautiful black and white monochromes that unfold from sumi on washi paper.