Toko Shinoda and Music III: Toko × Music

Toko Shinoda

July 27 (Mon.) to October 14 (Wed.), 2020


Number of items exhibited



July 27 (Mon.) to October 14 (Wed.), 2020


2nd and 4th Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays; also closed August 11–15, September 4–7, and October 9–12, 2020



About the Exhibition

This is the third in the exhibition series focused on abstract expression in music and works by Toko Shinoda. The series introduces works that share a common theme with musical pieces and shows how they express that theme, displaying the contrasts and resonances between them.
The present exhibition superimposes musical expression with several of the features of Toko’s suiboku (sumi ink painting). For example, the shades of sumi can be seen as corresponding to the volume of sound—dark shades with loud sound and light shades with soft sound. The kasure (patchy) and nijimi (blotted) effects of sumi resemble fast and slow tempo. This exhibit is an attempt to understand through an invisible media (music), the techniques Toko uses in her art. By superimposing the forms of expression of painting over those of music and comparing them, we may discover a new facet of the attraction of Toko’s oeuvre.