Toko Shinoda and Her Achievements: “Toko and New York”

Toko Shinoda

July 19 (Mon.) to October 1 (Fri.), 2021


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July 19 (Mon.) to October 1 (Fri.), 2021
*From August 30(Mon.) to September 30(Thu.) , Temporarily Closed due to the state of emergency.


2nd and 4th Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays; also closed August 7–16, August 30-September 30, 2021



About the Exhibition

The “Toko Shinoda and Her Achievements” series reviews works from the century-long career of the artist. The first in the series focused on works from the 1950s to show how Toko moved from work in avant-garde calligraphy to develop her own style of abstract expression. This second in the series introduces her two-year stay in the United States, when she launched her career as an international abstract painter.
Toko had been exploring new forms of expression in sumi ink and the new opportunities and experiences gained in New York gave her confidence and conviction in using sumi ink far beyond the confines of calligraphy and painting. Recognizing anew the significance of sumi as well as of brushwork she had cultivated through calligraphy, Toko opened up completely new horizons. The present exhibition, showing works she displayed outside Japan in those days and those she created after her return to Japan, explores how her work evolved after the major turning point of her New York sojourn.