Sakakibara Megumi: Meguri-meguru—Round and Round

Sakakibara Megumi



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About the Exhibition

Gi-Co-Ma is pleased to present an exhibition of the works of Sakakibara Megumi (b. 1968), an artist born in Hyogo prefecture and based mainly in the Kobe area. Since 1993, she has been actively submitting her work to art competitions and showing in individual and group exhibitions. Her works feature floating, balloon-like motifs spread over a canvas in pink, blue, and other bright colors. The motifs stand for the invisible energy of people, nature, and things that fills the world.
The theme of this exhibit, Meguri-meguru—Round and Round is the cycle of beginning and ending of tangible and intangible things that fills the time and space in which we live. The works, including paintings and three-dimensional installations suspended in the high-ceilinged space of the gallery, create a comfortable space enveloped with the gentle energy exuded by the works.