Kazuko Date: Wind Blows, Dances, Carries Feelings—and Connections

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Forms reminiscent of a mysterious, roundish plant, rhythmical lines, and transparent and luminous colors . . . Images created by Kazuko Date (b. 1947) are neither abstract nor representational. In the imagination of the viewer, they limitlessly expand and develop. Date entered art school at the age of 44 and launched her career as an artist at a little past 50. She was a late bloomer as an artist, at her debut in 1999, but she has since produced many drawings, wood-block prints and other works large and small on the theme of the connections of life. She has actively participated in or held exhibitions. She won the award for excellence at the 18th Ueno Royal Museum Grand Prize Exhibition in 2001.
In the spacious atrium space of the present exhibition venue, she displays a new, large-scale work 3 meters high and 9 meters wide.