Gifu’s River Highways

Various Artists



Number of items exhibited

approximately 20



About the Exhibition

 The three great rivers—the Kiso, Nagara, and Ibi—flowing over the Nobi Plain in central Honshu have served as major transport and distribution arteries of Gifu prefecture since time immemorial, the natural bounty they sustain nurturing the distinctive culture and history of the region. For people born and raised in Gifu, these rivers are a part of the native landscape and carry with them many treasured memories. In line with the theme of “river highways” that have sustained the lives of the people in this region, three local artists show their works depicting rivers: Michio Ishihara, Osamu Shinkai, and Mikiji Sobajima. The works on display record the changing appearance of the rivers and the mental images they evoke, introducing how each artist sees and portrays the watercourses of their native Gifu.