Toko Shinoda Art Month 2015: Snow, Moon, and Flowers “The Path of Sumi and Forms of the Heart”

Toko Shinoda





About the Exhibition

 Celebrating her 102nd birthday in 2015, Toko Shinoda continues to enjoy the calligraphy she began as a young child, and, while continuing her work as an abstract artist, sometimes does calligraphy as well. In her essay collection Sumi iro (Color of Black), she describes her ideas about lettering/characters: “When for a time my work distances me from calligraphy, I quite involuntarily find myself wanting to write characters. The impulse comes without warning, completely spontaneously.”
 In the same way as the rich scenery and colors of her imagination inspire the abstract shapes of her works, her impulse to put into visible form what comes into her mind, even if it takes the form of characters, has always been at the center of her work.