Verses of the Spirit

Toshiko Tochihara





About the Exhibition

 Painter Toshiko Tochihara has studios in Karuizawa (Nagano prefecture) and Kobe (Hyogo prefecture), and energetically exhibits her work in Japan and overseas. Besides painting, she is involved in a wide range of activities including workshops for children and training of young painters. Tochihara’s works are full of vitality, with clear colors and freewheeling and passionate brush strokes. In recent years, she has been experimenting with new forms of expression—shifting to canvases in irregular shapes, attaching wire or pieces of wood, and other attempts—in an attempt to move beyond the framework of two-dimensional works.
 This exhibition presents her recent works and the new works she produced for the event. Her first three-dimensional work, created for the exhibit, is placed at the center of the gallery, surrounded by the large colorful two-dimensional works on the walls. Enjoy the rich colorful world of her work unfolding in the exhibition space.